AMS is a leading medical services company based in the Iraq. We offer a range of medical services that extend from preventive to curative medicine with a focus on quality patient care. Over the years, we have built a reputation for being one of the most reliable and trusted medical services providers in the country.

Our  services  include:

Emergency Medical services
Occupational Health Services
Health Risk Assessment
Pre-Employment Screening
Certificates of Fitness
Medical Equipment & Supplies
Data Management and Protection
Liaison and Connection with Hospitals
Daily Patients Management
Clinical Waste and Expired Medication management
Emergency First Response Training Courses
Emergency Hospitals & Specialist Physician services

Emergency Medical Services

AMS Provides 24/7 days Emergency Medical services to Remote location by providing local experienced doctors and liaison with Public and Private Hospital.

In any case of accident or incident, the casualty will be treated at remote location and will be stabilized there. If the Case needed further Management or Referral, then the patients will be transferred to one of the hospital either in Basra or Baghdad according to the medical condition of patients. The patients will be transferred with coordination of Medics, HSE, HR and Security department.

The Doctor on-site will accompany the patients according to his critical situation of patients. Doctor with an ambulance driver and if necessary the paramedic will go with patients. The patients will be transferred and handed safely to the doctor at a Hospital. If necessary one of the doctor from AMS will follow up the patients at hospital and the doctor on-site with ambulance driver and paramedic will go back to remote site as soon as possible.

Occupational Health Surveillance

Occupational Health Surveillance to employees in remote location according to their department, location, risk assessment and exposure to Hazards.

Health surveillance will allow: Identification of workers with Pre-existing damage. – New damage (which may be work-related).

Removal/exclusion of such workers from Hazards sources (protecting them from further injury).Investigation of Hazards controls to identify and rectify problems (protecting others in the same work).

Daily Patients Management

AMS will see daily patients in Remote Location. All employees who work there will be covered and will be seen by a qualified physician.

 Employees will be managed and treated there according to their condition. All their data and information will be recorded in soft and hard copy and all the data will be kept in confidentiality according to the Data Protection Act.

Certificates of Fitness

Every person must be examined prior to employment offshore and thereafter at 2 years interval.

The frequency of examination will depends on the condition of the employees. Sometime the health of employees not very well and needs to be examined frequently. Sometime the certificates will be shorten to six months and sometimes to two years which depend on the health status of employees

The purpose of the Oil & Gas USA Medical guidelines is to protect individuals and employers from predictable emergencies which may arise in an isolated location

Oilfield Medical Services

AMS An Oilfield Medical Services at first, provides a safe and healthy working environment. As part of this process, AMS will do Pre-Employment Medical Screening  for all offshore employees who keen to work at Oilfield sectors.

What does a pre employment medical consist of:

At first, fitness to work assessment form has to be filled in by offshore medic . Then, a complete employment medical examination will be performed by Oil Rig Doctor.  After that, basic medical tests for employment will be done. The Basic test includes Spirometry, Audiometry, medical test for eye, Drug test and hand arm vibration.

How offshore medical services will be provided:

AMS an Oilfield Medical Services, provides all range of health services to offshore areas. AMS makes the life of employees to be insured by providing well experienced an offshore doctor at the site. AMS will do pre employment medical to all new employees who work there to find who is fit to work. The primary purpose of this fitness for work assessment is to ensure that prospective employee is fit to perform the task effectively. The Other purpose is to make sure that there is no any risk to their own health and safety and others.  Therefore medical examinations for employment must take into consideration in the work environment.

Our team is made up of experienced healthcare professionals, including Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare administrators. We are passionate about improving healthcare outcomes and dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care to our patients.

Our team consists of experienced medical professionals who have years of experience working in the oil and gas industry.

Strong relationships with the medical community AMS establishing positive relationships with local hospitals, medical clinics.

Customized services AMS understand that every oilfield company has unique needs. We work closely with our clients to customize our services to meet their specific requirements.

AMS ensure that all our services are in line with industry standards and regulations, thereby minimizing the risk of non-compliance

 AMS offer competitive pricing for all our services, thus providing value for money to our clients