Welcome to our medical services company profile. We are proud to present our services and expertise in the field of healthcare to meet the unique needs of the oil and gas industry.

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AMS is a medical services company that provides a range of healthcare solutions, including medical equipment sales and leasing, medical staffing and recruitment, medical consulting, and training. We are a well-established company with years of experience in the medical industry, and we have helped hundreds of healthcare institutions and organizations around the world to achieve their goals.



Responding quickly to patient needs and concerns.
Demonstrating empathy and understanding towards patients.
Striving for excellence in all aspects of patient care.
Building and maintaining trust with patients, employees, and the community.
Continuous improvement
Seeking to continuously improve processes, systems, and services to meet patient needs and expectations.


Emergency Medical Services

AMS Provides 24/7 days Emergency Medical services to Remote location by providing local experienced doctors

Occupational Health Surveillance

employees in remote location according to their department, location, risk assessment and exposure to Hazards.

Daily Patients Management

AMS will see daily patients in Remote Location. All employees who work there will be covered and will be seen by a qualified physician

Certificates of Fitness

Every person must be examined prior to employment offshore and thereafter at 2 years interval. The purpose of the Oil & Gas USA Medical guidelines

Oilfield Medical Services

AMS An Oilfield Medical Services at first, provides a safe and healthy working environment. As part of this process will do Pre-Employment Medical Screening.

Remote medical services

to oilfield companies that faraway from Hospitals All range of Health and Medical equipment Services will be provided by AMS

Medical Equipment Services

All necessary Medical equipment Medical Equipment Services such as Emergency medical equipment's, and supplies will be dedicated by AMS.

Occupational Medical Services

AMS provides occupational health safety and welfare to all kind of Organization and companies. Secondly


Medical Fitness Certificate

Every person must be examined prior to employment offshore and thereafter at 2 years interval.

Certificates of Fitness


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